All plans have flaws. So don’t wait for a perfect plan. Just start moving, really fast, and let the competition worry about catching up.
  1. There is a goal, and we are moving toward it on a flaming bus.
  2. We are going Somewhere, but for now, we are in the middle of Nowhere.
  3. There is a driver. She’s not quite sure where we are going, so she’s moving us very fast in what we think is the correct general direction.
  4. A lookout watches for evidence of the location of the goal. The search space continually narrows.
  5. The engine is on fire.
  6. Someone is fixing it. We trust her to do that, because we are busy throwing sharp things at the people next to us, unless she asks for help, in which case we help her right away.
  7. The rest of the bus is on fire, too. We might get around to fixing that. Or not. Someone is watching it and will do something if it gets worse.
  8. The horde saw our smoke. They are chasing us. We must move very fast to get there first or they will stop us or cut us off.
  9. If you’re at all close to us, you’re going to get hit by something. You don’t want to be beside us. You definitely don’t want to be close behind. It’s not particularly healthy to be in front of us, either.
  10. In fact, good places to be are a) on the bus, b) very far away, c) waiting for us at the goal, d) moving the goal.

- Shanti Rao, 2017